EPION’s #MyCannabisIQ resources: now available in French!

EPION is happy to announce that our MyCannabisIQ resources have been translated into French, and are now available for download, with limited print copies available to EPION member programs.

Launched in August 2018, the MyCannabisIQ initiative aims to educate clinical staff, families, and young people about the risks involved with cannabis use. 

Three MyCannabisIQ resources have been created to educate clinicians, families, and clients on important topics related to the legalization of cannabis. Particular emphasis has been placed on EPION’s role in helping to prepare stakeholders for productive conversations with youth about cannabis use in hopes of reducing the potential negative outcomes of cannabis use on recovery. 

These resources are available in English and French on the MyCannabisIQ website:

If your program is interested in print copies of the French resources, please let us know via