About Us

What is EPION?

EPION is a network of people who work in early psychosis intervention (EPI) services in Ontario, individuals who have received EPI services, and their family members and caregivers.


To support the development and implementation of effective treatment and support systems for people in the early stages of psychosis.


To bring the benefits of early treatment to all those who are 14-35 years old and living with psychosis in Ontario, and to bring support to their families.


To promote rapid psychosis detection and access to care, to advance early psychosis intervention through research and knowledge exchange, and to implement and advance the early psychosis intervention standards of care.


To build and support a network of provincial leaders that advances knowledge, provides advocacy, promotes quality evidence-based care and support for people and families living with early psychosis.

View EPION’s 2017 brochure¬†(pdf)