Recovery Expressions


S’s Story – 29 -Ontario

How music has been my saving grace- Music is the language of the universe. It’s the pulse of everything in existence. Everything has a pulse or rhythm. This form of expression is a very special and almost sacred gift to those involved. I feel privileged to bring music into the world for others to hear. My sheer purpose in making music is to make others lives a little more joyful.

Music really has been my saving grace through a life that hasn’t always been easy. As a child I always had a lot of fears of things around me. These could have been prodromal symptoms of psychosis. I remember the days when I didn’t have anything good to say about myself. So I wrote about what I felt. Little did I know these writings were some of my first songs.

I write about many things, but the most personal are about the stages I had to go through to become well again. Dealing with the stigma has not been easy. You always hear something on the news, or in the media about the negative things that someone they call “crazy” did. What about all the positives that are happening in the field of mental health as well as the fact a number of people with mental illness are now living normal productive lives.

I look at becoming stricken with this illness as a blessing in disguise. My life would be much less meaningful had I not experienced what I did. As well there would be one less voice to help bring about change and compassion for those who develop Schizophrenia.

My life is actually shaping up pretty well these days. I’m helping run The PEPP Peer Support Group in my hometown of London, Ontario. As well my musical career is taking off (I have just finished my first studio album of original songs), as well I am learning slowly but surly how to take better care of myself. All and all my future looks pretty nice. Right about now I’m scared and excited about what’s around the next corner, aren’t you?