Recovery Expressions

from M.

M’s Story

I was diagnosed with psychosis more than ten years ago. I spent time in hospital on different occasions. Despite this and with the help of my psychiatrist, my friends and my family, I was able to complete my very challenging university degree. Since then, I have been working on a full-time and part time basis and have been able to support myself . The great thing is that I have been taking good care of my health. I have developed resilience by overcoming many obstacles with the support of many caring people around me. Today, I am happy to live a fulfilling and well rounded life. I live independently, I am able to work, I have friends, I have hobbies, and I serve on a number of committees to advocate for persons with disabilities. Perhaps if I had not got sick, I would not have discovered a number of opportunities for personal and professional growth. These experiences are what make my life rewarding and who I am today.