TO Trash later – Member Application

Application for EPI Programs/Individuals/Supporters

EPION is introducing a new membership system that will make joining EPION and renewing membership more streamlined.

If you are a new member or you’re already a member, consider getting involved in EPION. There are many ways for members to become involved in EPION, including joining an EPION working group or volunteering.

  1. Attend network/general meetings
  2. Participate in working groups (i.e. community of interest; public education and awareness; metabolic monitoring; research; standards implementation).

For more information please contact us at and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate working group chair.

Criteria and Process
  • All members will apply annually and submit an online application form.
  • All members will renew their membership online each year, including current existing members.
  • Membership term is one calendar year (January to December) effective upon Board approval.
  • Members can be EPI programs, including people with lived experience and family members, individuals formerly associated with an EPI program, eg. health professionals, and/or individuals who wish to be supporter members of EPION.
  • Family members, please identify which EPI program you are affiliated with if applicable.
  • There are no fees to being a member.
Voting Structure

1 voting member from each funded EPI program (individuals/family members/supporters do not have voting privileges); if there is a tie, the co-chair will vote.

Benefits of Membership
  • Network and access information– share your expertise and knowledge with other EPION members
  • Support and encouragement among EPI programs and members
  • Vote at the General Meetings
  • Serve with various working groups and committees
  • Contribute your ideas and make a difference
Membership Types
  • EPI Program member

    Funded EPI programs in Ontario. When completing a membership application a designated representative will complete the application for the program and include a list of names of staff within the program.

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  • Individual Member

    The individual has lived experience including family member, and/or (previous) experience/affiliation with EPI services (may or may not be part of an EPI funded program/organization)

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  • Supporter

    Un-official members of the association but will be invited to participate in relevant activities)

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