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EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring Tools: Instructional videos now available!

EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring Working Group developed three videos to highlight the suite of tools developed for metabolic monitoring. These resources are designed for community and hospital based psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, family physicians, and front line mental health specialists working with individuals and families dealing with psychosis.

Overview of EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring Tools (2018)

EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring suite of tools for professionals can be downloaded here.

EPION’s Cardiometabolic Risk Management resource provides a structured way to screen and begin metabolic interventions for individuals with mental illness, according to Canadian guidelines. It also defines the roles of the mental health and primary care teams. This resource was developed by EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring Working Group in collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental health (CAMH), Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, and the Ottawa Hospital On Track First Episode Psychosis Program.

The Metabolic Syndrome Screening tool, Metabolic Risk Factors tool, postcard, risk management resource, and the goal-setting and tracking tools, were developed by EPION’s Metabolic Monitoring Working Group. The two videos below, highlight how the tools can be used with clients:

Using the EPION Metabolic Syndrome Screening Tool (2018)

How to use the EPION Metabolic Risk Factors Tool (2018)

For more information on these free resources, click here


Our New Tool!

Metabolic Monitoring Tool

Please also check out EPION’s new interactive metabolic monitoring tool here, developed using the resource highlighted in the videos above. This new interactive tool provides both clients and clinicians, with an easy and structured way to screen and begin metabolic interventions, and set healthy life style goals.