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IEPA Leadership Elections: Vote Now!

IEPA is holding their elections for Vice Presidents of Europe and North America. In the running for VP of North America is EPION’s very own Dr. Chi Cheng! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring EPION’s expertise to the international table. We encourage any IEPA members to cast your vote for IEPA’s leadership. Voting ends July 6 (tomorrow!) at midnight!

Please visit the IEPA website to cast your vote. Voting closes July 6th at midnight. 

Note: It has been brought to our attention that IEPA has had trouble with emails bouncing to many of their Canadian members. If this is the first you are hearing about the election, this may be why!

Chi Cheng

Dr. Chi Cheng: IEPA Candidate Statement

Chi Cheng is Child & Adolescent, Youth Psychiatrist & Assistant Professor in Psychiatry Section, Clinical Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

I have been a member of IEPA since 2006 and worked in early psychosis intervention for over 12 years. In that time, I have faced the challenges of delivering specialized mental health care to disadvantaged populations across a vast geographic area in northern Canada. The experience has been rewarding and humbling, and I have immense appreciation for the challenges that face my clients, families and communities.

I am running for VP (North America) for the IEPA Board because I want to contribute to IEPA’s commitment to exceptional standards, quality care and early intervention to the full spectrum of mental illnesses. My practice has both clinical and research functions. Over time, my clinical practice has evolved, and increasingly encompasses early intervention across the full spectrum of youth mental health. My research focus is in the intersection of youth mental health, vulnerable populations and rural health services. I am on faculty at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, as Researcher and Child, Adolescent and Youth Psychiatrist.

I have valued the community of the IEPA, and the connection to like-minded people, who believe in improved services for youth experiencing mental illness. This network has decreased the isolation of practicing in rural Canada, and I have valued the generosity of members of IEPA in sharing resources across the globe. I have experience as Co-Chair of the Early Psychosis Intervention Ontario Network (EPION), a provincial network consisting of over 50 programs, individuals who have received services, their families and caregivers. My time with EPION was truly inspiring; I continue to benefit from all that I have learned. I would like to continue my work in youth mental health by contributing to the network of IEPA, and bring to the IEPA Board, my experience as a clinician, researcher and network-leader.


Please visit the IEPA website to cast your vote in both categories. Voting closes July 6th at midnight.