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EPION Spotlight on…Recreation: On the Move with On Track

For clients in Ottawa’s On Track EPI program, getting back to basics and being able to enjoy meaningful activities is part of the program’s holistic approach to recovery. Therapeutic Recreation activities are offered throughout the week to support clients in their recovery journey and reduce social isolation. The activities provide an opportunity for clients to experience real-life situations, foster new and old interests, and renew their sense of community.

EPION Spotlight on... Recreation (April 2018)

Therapeutic Recreation is one important piece of On Track’s interdisciplinary team approach. Recreation Therapist Cindy Des Lauriers strategically integrates client-centered recovery goals into engaging weekly activities. These activities include a walking group, sports group, and a social recreational program called “TGIF” where clients work towards a variety of goals like cooking, physical activity, and volunteering. With Cindy’s support, clients have also facilitated yoga classes, a book club, and a Learn-to-Knit group.

EPION Spotlight on Recreation: Group Adventures with On Track

On Track program’s therapeutic recreation approach has received glowing reviews. Clients feel an increased sense of community, self-esteem, and excitement to be integrating more physical activity into their lives in a social way.

“It felt good to socialize with people who’ve been through the same thing that you have and not to isolate yourself!  Now that I have gone to the group and made some friends I’m not isolated myself anymore!” – MacKenzie

“It’s helped me by being less nervous and anxious, initiating conversation, being more fluid in conversation and generally being more comfortable in conversation with others.” – Scott

“I love the exercise and I love the fun of being with your friends and playing a sport!  I hadn’t been this active since high school!  I think the sports group has benefitted me in making me feel better about myself for participating and the whole enjoyment of playing sports.” – Pat

“We’ve done a lot of different and cool things! Art, cooking, playing board games, going to Museums, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing….so many different types of activities to try out. The groups give me hope and strength to keep moving forward. I always have something to look forward to. I’m happy we have them.” – Pete

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