EPION Spotlight on…Cannabis Education: EPION Work Session

On March 16, a small group of EPION members from across the province gathered in Toronto for a work session to conceptualize and draft content for EPION resources on cannabis and psychosis. The work session focused on identifying key messages and target audiences for custom EPION educational materials and reviewing an assortment of existing resources to be disseminated as-is. Products and resources from Friday’s meeting will be piloted this spring. 

EPION SPotlight: March 2018, Cannabis Education

Three resources have been proposed in order to educate clinicians, families, and clients on important topics related to the legalization of cannabis and reducing the potential negative outcomes of cannabis use on recovery. Particular emphasis was placed on EPION’s role in helping to prepare clinical staff for productive conversations with youth and their families about cannabis use, including abstinence and harm reduction strategies. Future resources will be adapted to help educate prescribing physicians, as well as young people and families who have not already experienced psychosis.

Resources already in circulation were reviewed to determine the appropriateness of sharing them widely via EPION’s communications platforms. Useful resources which may appeal to different audiences—ranging from infographics to academic position statements—have been compiled. These resources will be included on a dedicated Cannabis resources page on the website, which will hopefully launch this May.

We are sincerely grateful for the members and individuals with lived experience who took the time to roll up their sleeves and get these materials drafted on very short notice. We look forward to the end results!

EPION March 2018 Cannabis Work Session