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EPION Spotlight on… Cannabis Education: Heads Up!

The Heads Up! Program recently received a Knowledge Award from Kingston Health Sciences Centre for their knowledge translation activities on the topic of cannabis and psychosis. Presentations have been made in high-schools, post-secondary institutions and in the media. The program’s cannabis education activities provide young people with information about the risks of cannabis use, sparking an important dialogue across the province.

EPION SPotlight: March 2018, Cannabis Education

Heads Up! Staff have provided Cannabis Literacy education to students at St. Lawrence College, and one high-school, as well as for family groups organized by school boards and public health. The program was also invited to present at a two-day health expo at the Kingston Health Sciences Centre, which was open to health care workers and the general public. Program staff were present for the two days to share knowledge on the risks of cannabis use while presenting their display titled, Cannabis Use and Psychosis in the Youth.

Medical Director Dr. Oyedeji Ayonrinde, has taken an integrated approach to media attention on the topic of cannabis, youth, and psychosis. He has contributed to print, radio, and television interviews on the topic, and even engaged parliament and policy stakeholders in a recent issue of The Hill Times – Policy Briefing on Cannabis. In collaboration with the Department of Marketing, Smith Business School at Queen’s University, marketing students developed digital platforms to create awareness of the risks of cannabis use as their final project.

The next phase for the Heads Up! cannabis education crusade is the launch of their forthcoming “MJ-101: a “higher” knowledge group” for clients and families. The group will provide education and up-to-date knowledge about cannabis and psychosis to clients and families, with plans to extend beyond the EPI program in the future.

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